If you're looking for a garden service who can really take control of your yard and manage every aspect of it accordingly without direction, then please keep reading. Here at Eximius Landscape Management, we offer a wide variety of services for all sized yards. We are very knowledgeable out on the field with plant identification and their specific needs.  We Fertilize plants, lawns, trees, and shrubs early spring to boost growth in the summer, and fertilize in the fall to prepare for chilly winters.  We understand that the smallest detail can make the biggest difference and that is why we go the extra mile to make your yard look great.  We offer natural pruning because we fathom that a wide variety of plants look best manicured manually, rather than having a hedge trimmer to it.

We are licensed by the  California Department of Pesticide Regulations and offer some pest control services along with maintenance. We Spray roses and other plants for leaf spot (fungus), rust, and even aphids.  In early Spring, you may notice trails of moles, gophers and even voles in your lawns and planter beds. We will personally set traps which are non hazardous to pets and humans to catch and control these rodents. In the fall, you may also notice your lawns being ripped up by raccoons, as they are heavily active that time of year looking for grubs to eat.  We apply a powder prior to rid lawns of grubs so that minimal damage is caused by these critters. There is much more that we offer with our services.

If you are interested in receiving a quote for yard maintenance, please call to set up an appointment. You can call the office at 650-513-1733 or send an email to admin@eximiuslm.com

Happy Gardening!

Carlos Espinoza